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Are you interested in installing solar on your home or business? Solar Direct USA can help guide the way. Check out our customer portal for insightful information about what options are available to homeowners like yourself, how much space they need based off their energy consumption habits (and more!), questions customers should ask when choosing an installer company that suits them best - all without ever leaving this page!
100% full-service solar provider, we are not a dealer and everything is done in house.
We make it easy (We help thousands of people get solar every month).
Fastest install times in the industry. National average of 28 days compared to industry average of 60+ days.
Agreements with top U.S. Panel manufacturers so no supply chain issues.
Proven leadership (C-Suite executives include former employees/executives at Vivint Solar, Solar City, Vivint Inc., Google, and others).
Renewable Source, Trusted Service, Low Maintenance, and 24/7 Support.
On track for $1B+ on sales by end of 2022
Trusted Service
Our Solar Direct USA Promise™ covers your solar energy system’s production, workmanship, and equipment.
24/7 Support
Our team of customer service experts is ready to help you anytime of day.
Well Experienced
Our team has over 50 combined years of experience with renewable energy systems, and we're ready work hard on making sure that you get quality service out these assets!
The incredible benefits of Solar Power Near You
With its ability to provide clean, renewable energy for many uses and applications - from generating electricity or heating water in your home-solar power is without question one of the most important technologies today. In fact as much as 15%of our total U.S.' Generating Capacity relies solely on this source alone! So what are you waiting for? Go out there find some sunshine so we can all enjoy these benefits together
Renewable Source
Innovation in renewable power technology is bringing down costs and making a clean energy future possible. American solar and wind generation continue to break records, with no compromise on reliability!
Low Maintenance
If you want to ensure that your home's electricity doesn't come at a price spikes or brownouts, then solar power is an excellent way for it. With no moving parts in the system there are very few maintenance costs involved! The inverter will need replacing after 15 years of use though so make sure this isn’t affecting how long they'll last before needing Service again.
Easy Installation
Solar Direct USA is the leading solar installation company. We specialize not only at installing your new system but also helping you take advantage of tax credits and other savings opportunities to make it worth all for YOU!
We Create A Natural Energy
We Cover the Whole Spectrum
Let our team of experts evaluate your home and provide you with honest production estimates for a solar panel system. We'll also walk through financing options, work to optimize state & federal incentives as well as make sure that all potential costs are understood so there's no surprises down the line! When we're done informed homeowners like yourself can invest in their energy future without confidence worries.
Solar Installation
When you install solar panels, they generate energy that's used to power your home or business. When there isn't any sun shining on them for an extended period of time - like at night-they store this excess power in batteries and send it back out onto the grid so we can all benefit from clean electricity
Maintenance & Training
The right maintenance will ensure your investment lasts for years to come. Our team has over 50 combined years of experience with renewable energy systems, and we're ready work hard on making sure that you get quality service out these assets!
Alternative Energy Sources
Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that can power your home with efficiency. It's also an easy way to cut back on fossil fuels while helping the environment - what more could you ask?
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What Our Customer's Say
"We had been considering solar power for quite some time, but having the knowledge and expertise of Solar Direct USA's representative made it easy. Their communication before-and during installation was amazing! Their installation crew are truly professionals."
Donald Ramsey
"I am always impressed with the level of service I receive when dealing directly with Solar Direct USA."
Katherine Young
“This is the best service I have ever had. The customer support team always goes above and beyond to help with any questions or concerns that come up during our time using their platform."
James Hart
We are so happy with the excellent service from everyone at Solar Direct USA! From our first conversations about solar panel options, to their polite and competent installation process--we couldn't have been more satisfied. Follow-up has been top notch through every step until now almost 2 months after initial contract signing.
Ethan Wade